The Surfer

She is out in the waters all alone, 

     waiting to ride the perfect wave. 

She waits in anticipation, 

     knowing that it will come at a moment’s notice. 

But she must wait patiently for the right time. 

If she is too eager, 

     she will take a wave prematurely, 

     as the wave has not been fully formed,   

     and it will lead to nothing. 

If she is not paying attention, 

     she will pass up the perfect wave, 

     as the wave continues on without her, 

     and it will lead to nothing. 

Life is much like a surfer riding the waves – 

 The right opportunity comes, 

      when you wait in anticipation, 

       take the risk to step out – 

       embracing life to the fullest!

I can give you the tools and the guidance, 

     to make the most of your opportunities, 

     for the days are evil and full of distractions.  

I have given you a strategic mindset, 

     one that can see the trends and the possibilities.

The experienced surfer can recognize when to take a wave. 

She knows what can come of taking that opportunity, 

How can you possibly succeed without a degree of risk in life? I have called you to step out of the water and consider… 

The ideas you have are given to you for a reason–

     and for success! 

Do your part and partner with those who are like-minded,

     with those who will respect and support you. 

I have not forgotten you – your time is coming, 

     for I am good to those who wait for Me, and 

     to the souls who seek Me, 

I know the desires of your heart, 

     and I know the future. 

Although your dreams seem slow in approaching – wait for them. 

The vision I have for you awaits its appointed time; 

     it will surely come, it will not delay, 

Be still and wait patiently for Me, says the Lord. 

The surfer sees something in the distance –  


Here comes the perfect wave, 

     the one she has been waiting for in joyous anticipation.  

Her patience has made her ready; 

     her persistence has paid off. 

Be confident and pursue what you think is best.

The trials you have experienced have brought you wisdom, 

     and you have been positioned for this very moment. 


The time is now, 

Stand up with confidence! 

Catch the wave with joy, 

     and take the ride of your life. 

~  MATTHEW 25:1-13  |  HABAKKUK 2:3 |  MATTHEW 14:22-33 ~


  1. Patients, perseverance and endurance. That’s what I recite when I get ahead of myself. Remember God’s perfect timing, God is like the wave, you wait upone Him and He will carry you through. Not only that the momentum is so strong it is unstoppable. Seek God first and the rest shall follow. I just made breakfast, I seen your post and thought I will read it later, Im going to eat now. However taking a glimps at the first few words it became my time to practice patients. I got to be filled with the spirit and now I can eat with the gratitude on God can provide.

  2. That is a picture of Bethany Hamilton. You do not see her left arm as it was bitten off by a shark. Her story is inspiring.

    • Hi Phil. You are correct, this is Bethany Hamilton. I chose her because she overcame the obstacles of her limits & didn’t let the fear stop her from going back in the water to ride the next wave. Her life is truly motivating!

  3. Amen! Very timely message. Sometimes we get so busy trying to figure things out, how to do things to make our dreams a reality, that we forget to call on our dear Father Who knows our every need, and Who has wonderful plans for us. We forget to seek His will, and to wait upon Him.

  4. Hi Nathan,

    Been busy and just looked at this post. It was a beautiful poem which I remembered from your Write the Vision book, no. 10. Have any of your other blogs come straight out of your book?

  5. Hi Helen,
    Yes, this is from my book – good memory!
    I have only put up one other, ‘The Dance of My Delight on Nov. 6th to showcase a sample of my book. I might every now & then put one up, but that would be more the exception rather than the rule.
    Pray that I can work toward releasing the 2nd half of the book next year!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

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