“Write the Vision” Book

Write the Vision: A Prophetic Journaling Experience” is meant to serve as a journal, guiding you through the poetic writings written with God’s heart in mind for you and what you are currently going through. My hope is that you will not only hear the Holy Spirit’s voice for yourself, but hunger for more of Him daily so you can live life with passion, purpose, and a continual pursuit of the presence of God.

Introduction to ‘Write The Vision’

It is my conviction that if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then you can hear His voice. This is not and should not be reserved for the few, those seen as ‘gifted’, called, or experienced; God has given the Holy Spirit to everyone who has accepted Jesus and He wants to speak to you regarding who He is, who you are, and what He has for you! Just as His love, grace, and power are available to you because of your identity in Christ, so are the limitless conversations waiting to take place!

Through a prophetic word, the Lord gave me Habakkuk 2:2 as a life verse. It reads:


I did not understand the full impact of this verse over my life when I first received it. Little did I know it was a process – a 10-year journey with the Lord until, “Write the Vision” was born! As a result – with inspiration built on the supremacy of the Bible – this book has a cyclical process:

God is always speaking to you since you are His child; He created you, loves you, and wants the best for you!

You take the time to listen to the Holy Spirit – “Lord, what are you saying to me?”

Next, you write down what the Spirit is saying to you. This process begins a beautiful conversation, since you are now prompted to journal your thoughts back to the Lord.

As this back and forth dialogue continues with the Scriptures as your foundation and your guide, you are understanding the Holy Spirit’s voice! This realization motivates and encourages you to seek more of God’s presence – You are inspired to take action by what you are experiencing… implementing hearing the Holy Spirit’s voice in everyday life. In other words, causing you to ‘run’ with what you read.


  •   Love love love this book.  I started reading it with a could of friends earlier this year as a positive outlet for discussion. I did not anticipate that it would become a tool for spiritual growth. Jesus has used every chapter in this book to reveal insights into my own heart and lies I’ve believed about Him or myself. I’ve also learned about my weaknesses and my strengths. I went in thinking this will be a cutesy journaling experience and found myself challenged and called to action by every chapter. It’s been amazing watching God use this book to speak to me and build my confidence in Him. What a timely book for this season (2020) must read for all believers! – Raven Mitchell 


  • I started reading your book and I’m enjoying it! Completed ‘Unconquerable Love ‘. I wrote half a page. The picture I saw immediately as I began to read was the Cross. It resulted in a time of praise and thanksgiving. Also, I saw the many obstacles, weaknesses, and failures that are now victories in my life. All because of His unconquerable love. Thanks again, Nathan. Great book!Rose Holyfield


  • I was not sure how this book would help me but I want to hear God’s voice more in my own life. I couldn’t see how a book with words someone else had received from the Holy Spirit in their own quiet time with God could speak to situations in my life. Well, recently I had an important evening meeting and spent the day fasting and praying. As the meeting time approached I pulled “Write the Vision” off my shelf. I thumbed through the book looking at the different journal entries and read two that related a bit to my situation. However, when I read “The Surfer” (#10) I really believe God was speaking to me about my meeting that evening. It talked about timing, taking a risk, making the most of opportunities, seeing possibilities, God not forgetting me, seeking after God, and that God’s victory will come at His appointed time. This journal entry added more encouraging words to other similar words of knowledge I had received on two different occasions over the last 3 years. I am very happy that God spoke to me through “Write the Vision” because I needed encouragement as He has partnered with myself and others for over a decade to bring about changes through His power. And the meeting…It was decided to do something differently that I hope is the breaking of a major stronghold on the way to greater victory.Amazon customer


  • Nathan has provided a great way of meditating on the Word of the Lord. It is such a creative approach to connecting with the Scriptures on a personal level. I also appreciate the Scripture references, which allow me to compare the prompt with my Bible. – Sara Gutierrez


  • What I liked best about the book is the passion behind it came from Nathans’ own journaling and time with God. In a world of technology and busyness, he passionately calls us readers to take the time to grow, something we can’t do any other way except through time.  It took me courage to sit down and follow the steps and journal. But the book gently encourages and prods me that there’s nothing else like it in this world. Nathan’s writing and references to key passages in Scripture of God’s love remind me of God’s passionate heart of love for all of us. – Sandra Chin


  • Nathan’s personal journaling through 𝘞𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘝𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 is a refreshing, inspirational, and very creative way to connect with God and The Bible. His poetic writings moved me in my own quiet times to seek God in a more honest and personal way. My favorite entries were “Motivation to Move” and “RE.” – Amazon customer


  • Phenomenal and unique in its own way. When reading this book I feel drawn to God and a reminder of not just to read His word but to be in His presence and spend time with God and to write what I feel God is speaking to me. I Would strongly recommend this book to all!Alejandro Quino


  • The process in Nathan’s book has helped me to better my ability to quiet my mind and hear from God and to then hold what I hear up to the light of scripture. My relationship with God has deepened as a result and I have been able to apply insights to my earthly relationships as well.Amazon customer


  • What an incredible journey this book has taking me with my 1 on 1 walk with the Lord. Such an amazing experience, this book allows me to connect on a personal level with the lord that I never thought was possible. I love the wonderful scriptures it has and I think it’s awesome the book allows me to jot down my feelings & ideas of my spiritual growth. Highly  recommend!!!! – Zachary Barker


  •  ‘Undeniably Deep’ describes Pastor Nathan Cherney’s “Write the Vision”,  his in-depth dialogue with God and the Holy Spirit.  A thought-provoking, profound and evocative vision providing an opportunity for interactive input by the incipient spiritual journalist to engender or enhance his or her sensing of that enveloping Holy Spirit. Invoking that vision with penetrating, empathetic experiences along with references to Biblical verses renders the reader consoled and comforted.  Negative thoughts are diminished and the reader is energized to express themselves, to journalize their inner contemplations.  Invoking the vision is a practical approach to prophetic visualizing. – Helen Abe