Write the Vision: A Prophetic Journaling Experience” is meant to serve as a journal, guiding you through the poetic writings written with God’s heart in mind for you and what you are currently going through. My hope is that you will not only hear the Holy Spirit’s voice for yourself, but hunger for more of Him daily so you can live life with passion, purpose, and a continual pursuit of the presence of God.

Introduction to ‘Write The Vision’

It is my conviction that if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then you can hear His voice. This is not and should not be reserved for the few, those seen as ‘gifted’, called, or experienced; God has given the Holy Spirit to everyone who has accepted Jesus and He wants to speak to you regarding who He is, who you are, and what He has for you! Just as His love, grace, and power are available to you because of your identity in Christ, so are the limitless conversations waiting to take place!

Through a prophetic word, the Lord gave me Habakkuk 2:2 as a life verse. It reads:


I did not understand the full impact of this verse over my life when I first received it. Little did I know it was a process – a 10-year journey with the Lord until, “Write the Vision” was born! As a result – with inspiration built on the supremacy of the Bible – this book has a cyclical process:

God is always speaking to since you are His child; He created you, loves you, and wants the best for you!

You take the time to listen to the Holy Spirit – “Lord, what are you saying to me?”

Next, you write down what the Spirit is saying to you. This begins a beautiful conversation, since you are now prompted to journal your thoughts back to the Lord.

As this back and forth dialogue continues with the Scriptures as your foundation and your guide, you are understanding the Holy Spirit’s voice! This realization motivates and encourages you to seek more of God’s presence – You are inspired to take action by what you are experiencing… implementing hearing the Holy Spirit’s voice in everyday life. In other words, causing you to ‘run’ with what you read.