I doubt you’ve heard of Charles H. Duell, but if you look him up, he is known for one thing. He was Commissioner of the US Patent Office in 1899. This office legally protects the rights of new inventions. At the turn of the century, Charles H. Duell said aboutContinue Reading

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with feasting, family, and fun. Who doesn’t love to eat, laugh, and create memories with those you love? While each person has their favorite traditions and treats, I invite you to think about Thanksgiving a bit deeper this year; Giving thanks is more than aContinue Reading

I want you to think about something that will blow your mind. Are you ready?  Do you know that there is a land for YOU? Yes, a land that is YOURS.  But… there are giants that are standing in YOUR land. You heard me, GIANTS.  You might be thinking, “WhatContinue Reading

Imagine this:  You’re sitting near the top of a mountain. The air is fresh, and a cool breeze blows through the trees. As you look into the distance, the scenery is breathtaking – such beauty as far as the eye can see! You remind yourself that the trek it tookContinue Reading

arrows flying in air

Some days are worse than others. Who doesn’t have them? But there are certain times when it doesn’t seem like an accident – the bad day feels like a deliberate attack. The onslaught is persistent. The circumstances are random. It comes out of nowhere. And you can’t quite put theContinue Reading

Literally, there was nothing more I could do. We had no options left.  We had already been praying for a miracle that my mother-in-law’s passport would arrive in time. The consulate was backlogged for months. There was no end date in time. After a few calls and visits from myContinue Reading

~ A poem ~ I thank you for exchanging your life for mine,  All in the name of love,  Dying on the cross was the finish line.  “It is finished!” Those words were your last,  But what had ended created something anew,  Reconciling sin from Adam’s past.  He is risen,Continue Reading

Hope.  Hope is needed when circumstances look bleak.  Hope is fuel to persevering under pressure.  Hope keeps the faith alive when there’s nothing left to grab onto.  Hope triumphs over negativity when the walls of your world seem to be crumbling all around you. When you don’t have the answers,Continue Reading

“You are not meant to wear Saul’s armor. Beloved, you are an original, not an imitator.  You have been in training since you answered the call. The trials and tears have not gone in vain – they are preparations for the promotion ahead of you. You have fought specific battlesContinue Reading

Vision. Is. Powerful.  Victor Frankl was a holocaust survivor who used to travel and speak about how he survived the concentration camps. He would look at his audience and say, “You are the reason I am alive.” The crowd is naturally confused because they have never met Victor before. HowContinue Reading