Sun rising over the clouds

Future goals… projected deadlines… plans. There’s much to say about being prepared for what is to come and to make plans accordingly. Whether it is for personal aspirations, life goals with your spouse, or a business quota for the year, plans are important and in many instances, necessary.  What doContinue Reading

1 Samuel 30:6

One of my favorite ways of receiving encouragement is through verbal affirmation. I don’t mean the ‘good job, Pastor’ after I preach a sermon. They are those meaningful, heartfelt words that reveal how much you mean to them. It has happened a few times: for birthdays, during Pastor appreciation month,Continue Reading

2020 has almost come to an end. For many, there’s a sigh of relief and a cry of, “Hallelujah!”, thanking the Lord that the year is over. The anticipation of starting afresh in the new year is due to the challenges 2020 left with us. We have dealt with tremendousContinue Reading

It is imperative to focus on the light in a year where darkness has created difficulty, destruction, and death. That light – Jesus Christ – is the true Light sent into the world to save humanity from itself and reconcile people back to God. The ultimate ‘reason for the season’Continue Reading

Out of the five senses, sight is by far the most important. Our reliance on what we see helps determine our reality around us. Whether it’s to capture the beauty of a multi-colored sunset or to assess the risk of a dangerous situation, our sight is invaluable to perceiving whatContinue Reading

The storm rages day after day. The waves toss me to and fro.  Darkness consumes me; it seems to be my only companion.  How long will this tempest last? My strength is failing as I try to stay afloat. All I can think about is trying to survive.  Is thereContinue Reading

A Look At Joshua | Part 3 “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;do not fret when people succeed in their ways,when they carry out their wicked schemes.Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;do not fret—it leads only to evil.For those who are evil will be destroyed,butContinue Reading

A Look At Joshua | Part 2 Growth is typically measured in what you can see. A child receives an ‘A’ on her exam – who-hoo! The hard work paid off as the teacher and parents spent extra time teaching her. The results of the student’s stellar grade reveal theContinue Reading

A Look At Joshua |Part 1 This year has been a wild one to say the least. From civil unrest to toilet paper shortages to political dissent… there’s been a lot going on in 2020 – and I’m positive you can add to the list! Swift changes in response toContinue Reading

The Turnaround God When I read Scripture, I am reminded again and again – nothing is impossible with God. The miracles from the Old and New Testament are not just echoes of the past, but what the Lord is capable of doing here in the now. “Jesus Christ is theContinue Reading