About Me

I am writing to Christ seekers who want to experience more of the Spirit-filled life in everyday life!

As a Christian growing up, I had a limited view of the Holy Spirit’s role in each person. The seal of salvation was the primary function of His presence… so I thought. Little did I realize, that there is so much more Holy Spirit has for us before we get to heaven!

My goal is for you to be excited about how God has gifted you within the community of believers. He has a purpose for you in His Kingdom and the Holy Spirit is with you to guide, teach, and equip you for those purposes.

I have been married to my beloved wife Valerie for 4 years. She has a passion for ministry, specifically in areas of evangelism, prayer, and a genuine love for people. I am truly blessed to have found a companion who cherishes the passion of God that I have. Valerie helps remind me of what truly matters in life and lovingly challenges me to be who God has created me to become.

I am the Lead Interim Pastor at Venice Free Methodist Church on the west side of Los Angeles. Serving here for over 7 years has brought us much joy as we have encountered a rich community of faithful believers. My hope is to see the Lord work even more mightily in our church as we grow together in love and unity.

One of my greatest passions is to preach the Scriptures and to make that applicable for people’s lives. I love to see the Holy Spirit minister to individuals as they are set free, healed, or encouraged in the faith. I also have a gift in writing, which was what eventually led me to create this blog! Other than ministry-related aspirations, I am a people person – always looking for a reason to spend time with people rather than tasks. I enjoy sports of all types and I am constantly setting new goals for myself to be committed to the gym. The beach, coffee, and journaling are a wonderful combination to help me reflect and listen to what God is saying to me.

I send out weekly blogs to inform and inspire you to want to know God in a greater way. If you’d like to get to know me a bit more, sign up and respond to my emails. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (The icons in the upper right-hand corner). I’d love to get to know you and walk this journey of understanding more of God’s glorious presence together.


Nathan D. Cherney