He Is Risen!

~ A poem ~

I thank you for exchanging your life for mine, 

All in the name of love, 

Dying on the cross was the finish line. 

“It is finished!” Those words were your last, 

But what had ended created something anew, 

Reconciling sin from Adam’s past. 

He is risen, so I am set free. 

No longer held down by sin or death, 

Because of what Christ did for me. 

He has overcome and risen from the grave, 

I am cleansed, a new creation, 

My offenses to God have been paid. 

Shout for joy! All you who believe, 

Those who were far from God are near, 

And the blind can see. 

The empty tomb means Jesus is alive, 

My hope is in His salvation, 

I don’t live in fear or need to hide. 

Say it with me, 

“I am alive!”

“I am free!” 

“I am loved by God!” 

“I am yours eternally!” 

You receive all authority, honor, and glory, 

The Son of God who sits on the throne, 

Securing a place for me as part of the Easter story.  

Can I get an Amen?!?

Have a blessed Easter! 🙏

Pastor Nathan


  1. Amen! It’s so hard to fully comprehend how much God loves us. Not until we meet Him! Happy Resurrection Day, Pastor Nathan!

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