Now that we have been two weeks into the new year… how is it going in your pursuit of the Lord? Have you resolved a way to have fewer distractions? Are you in the process of simplifying so you can have more of God? (See For myself, I haveContinue Reading

Perhaps you’re not too young to remember the famous Toy-R-Us slogan. Can you recall it off the top? Sing along now! “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys-R-Us kid. They got millions of toys at Toys-R-Us that I can play with!” Unfortunately, the giant toy distributor went bankrupt andContinue Reading

Happy New Year! 2020 is here! It’s not just a new day or even a new year, but the beginning of a new decade! As I look back on 2019, there are certain aspects that I cannot believe how fast 2019 flew by: This was the year that I startedContinue Reading

Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant, so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace. Ah, Silent Night. A classic Christmas carol… and one of my favorites! I’m sure for many of you, it justContinue Reading

Lately, I’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ – where I’m trying to move forward but it seems so difficult. The best way to describe it is by attempting to walk through mud, thick mud – up to my knees. It takes considerable effort to walk as I have to fight the suctionContinue Reading

She is out in the waters all alone,       waiting to ride the perfect wave.  She waits in anticipation,       knowing that it will come at a moment’s notice.  But she must wait patiently for the right time.  If she is too eager,       she will takeContinue Reading

Good morning! This week I wanted to do something different. Now, now… different can be good! I put together several phrases inspired by the biblical texts to get you thinking. Some of these are paradoxes[1], while others state biblical truths side by side. These phrases are to get you meditatingContinue Reading

I was having one of those days. I’m sure you’ve experienced it too – those days where your feelings seem bigger than the facts. A day where you dwell on the negative aspects of your life and as you wallow in self-pity, you spiral further and further downward into hopelessness.Continue Reading

When I typically think of giving thanks, it’s only natural for me to think of the holiday that so many Americans like myself cherish. Thanksgiving. That’s the special space where friends and family can hit ‘pause’ and gather together in the midst of each person’s busy routine. There’s the overloadContinue Reading

The Holy Spirit put this message on my heart to make the distinction between guilt and conviction. As I began praying through it and processing this thought, an image of a river formed in my mind. I saw a person walking over to the river with the purpose of testingContinue Reading