This week was challenging to write because I could not get a sense of direction that the Lord wanted for me. Besides the increased workload and the distractions of the political climate, I now know why – as I am writing this, the Presidential Election results have not been finalized.Continue Reading

In less than one week, history will take place. On Tuesday, November 3rd, the people will decide who will be President of the United States for the next four years. Why is this election such a momentous occasion for the country and, frankly, for the entire world?  Two parties have drastically differentContinue Reading

Revival.  A multifaceted word carrying significant meaning throughout history. For some, it is the turning of hearts back to God – from the wayward prodigal back to the arms of the Father. For others, it’s times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord. Another is the indication that miraclesContinue Reading

Have you ever found yourself feeling incredibly weak?  I’m not talking about how much you can lift at the gym (although I do need to get back on track!); instead, the type of feeling where you have little motivation moving forward. It’s the type of weakness where the attacks againstContinue Reading

Chaos.  As I was pondering with the Lord about what to write next for this week, the word ‘chaos’ dropped in my Spirit. What am I to make of this word?  I realized that ‘chaos’ is what I am sensing in the spirit realm. We have witnessed calamities and disruptionsContinue Reading

Imagine this: there’s a door in your house that has been closed and locked. You’ve seen this door for years, but you have never seen it open. The reason is that you have never had the key. After all, it wasn’t your fault since no one told you where toContinue Reading

In early August of this year, I had a brief vision the Lord put on my heart to publicly share. The Vision: I was sitting in my backyard on my swing set when an image came before me. Immediately, I saw a picture of a tree. I could not tell whatContinue Reading

Seeking God’s will is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, it is a choice between two very qualified options. In other instances, the choice might be more straightforward, but perhaps the decision requires further conviction or the courage to carry it out. Lastly, the best direction may seem irrationalContinue Reading

When you have to make a big decision, how do you feel? When I am in the flesh, I feel anxious, continually thinking through the realm of possibilities and outcomes if I make a decision one way or not. The bombardment of thoughts and the weight of which decision is bestContinue Reading

 Lord… “What do you want me to do with my life?”  “Where do you want me to go?” “Am I supposed to take this job or not?” “When it comes to a relationship, what is next?” If you have asked any one of these questions for your own life, youContinue Reading