woman is overloaded and burden by the tasks, priorities, and stresses of life

Adjustments are never easy. When Valerie and I first got married – I now had a new role as a husband. Hmm… What does this look like? What am I supposed to do? On top of taking a new position at a church in the city of Angels where we’veContinue Reading

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re still trying to catch your breath? It is a week that has more work to be done and less time to do it? This week has been that for me. With the adjustments of fatherhood and formulating a new scheduleContinue Reading

Fruit of the Spirit Series It all happened so fast.  One moment I’m cleaning the garage; the next moment, I’m holding a precious, little one-year-old girl. With close to zero experience with children that age, I attempted to rock her back and forth to go to sleep, but no avail.Continue Reading

It was a beautiful day outside. Although it was mid-January, the sun was shining bright and the weather perfect enough to head to the beach. Valerie and I take out our bikes – and our trusty sidekick, Carmel, the dog – as we begin biking towards the shore.  As soonContinue Reading

play-doh couple

For those that know me, I’ve always appreciated a good pun. Sometimes these puns slip out during teachings, and to my surprise, I hear a few painful groans in the background. Maybe my puns were not as clever as I thought, or better yet, there is a lack of appreciationContinue Reading

Sun rising over the clouds

Future goals… projected deadlines… plans. There’s much to say about being prepared for what is to come and to make plans accordingly. Whether it is for personal aspirations, life goals with your spouse, or a business quota for the year, plans are important and in many instances, necessary.  What doContinue Reading

1 Samuel 30:6

One of my favorite ways of receiving encouragement is through verbal affirmation. I don’t mean the ‘good job, Pastor’ after I preach a sermon. They are those meaningful, heartfelt words that reveal how much you mean to them. It has happened a few times: for birthdays, during Pastor appreciation month,Continue Reading

2020 has almost come to an end. For many, there’s a sigh of relief and a cry of, “Hallelujah!”, thanking the Lord that the year is over. The anticipation of starting afresh in the new year is due to the challenges 2020 left with us. We have dealt with tremendousContinue Reading

It is imperative to focus on the light in a year where darkness has created difficulty, destruction, and death. That light – Jesus Christ – is the true Light sent into the world to save humanity from itself and reconcile people back to God. The ultimate ‘reason for the season’Continue Reading

Out of the five senses, sight is by far the most important. Our reliance on what we see helps determine our reality around us. Whether it’s to capture the beauty of a multi-colored sunset or to assess the risk of a dangerous situation, our sight is invaluable to perceiving whatContinue Reading