Seeking God’s will is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, it is a choice between two very qualified options. In other instances, the choice might be more straightforward, but perhaps the decision requires further conviction or the courage to carry it out. Lastly, the best direction may seem irrationalContinue Reading

When you have to make a big decision, how do you feel? When I am in the flesh, I feel anxious, continually thinking through the realm of possibilities and outcomes if I make a decision one way or not. The bombardment of thoughts and the weight of which decision is bestContinue Reading

 Lord… “What do you want me to do with my life?”  “Where do you want me to go?” “Am I supposed to take this job or not?” “When it comes to a relationship, what is next?” If you have asked any one of these questions for your own life, youContinue Reading

It was the most challenging period of my life so far. I knew that God had revealed to me that she was ‘the one’, but my reality was far different – we were not speaking to one another. We had stopped being in a relationship without any official breakup. NowContinue Reading

Part II The 90s had a particular look – baggy clothes (pants had to sag without a belt), Sony Walkman, and a pager were a must… or could I say ‘dope.’ During this time, my friends and I mostly listened to rap. A few of us found out that JayContinue Reading

Part 1 Sun Tzu, a Chinese general from 544 BC, once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”  As a military strategist, Sun Tzu speaks from experience and the victory that one will have if they understand their foe.Continue Reading

Fruit of the Spirit Series When you were a child, perhaps you read the classic Winnie the Pooh books. You might recall a few of the animals with their quirky personalities – there’s Tigger, the tiger who is exuberant and bounces on his tail. There’s Rabbit, the stubborn one whenContinue Reading

Ever since COVID-19 began, we shifted our series at our church to best represent what was taking place. We called it ‘Uncharted’ – God leading us as we traverse through the unknown. As we battle through the coronavirus, practice social distancing, and find ways to be creative in ministry, weContinue Reading

Today’s blog has been inspired by new residents who recently moved in… a momma bird and her hatchlings! I was outside spending quiet time with the Lord when I saw a bird swoop in to take care of her little ones. Watching the momma bird revealed the protective nature andContinue Reading

Spiritual Gifts Series It was another monthly meeting where the pastors and the Official Board come together to discuss the usual… financials, reports from each member, and specific ministry concerns. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, at this meeting, as we continued to plug along. As we are gearing towardsContinue Reading