Where is the passion, the zeal for more of your presence Lord? When I sit before You, my mind wonders, When I say to myself, “I will spend time with my God” I easily forget until it is too late. I feel lifeless when I come to you, There isContinue Reading

With the threat of the Coronavirus all around us, it’s natural to take precautionary measures to limit physical interaction with one another – otherwise known as social distancing. Yet the results of this can lead to another ill effect that we may face soon enough- loneliness. In this video, IContinue Reading

Fear. Mentioning the word ‘fear’ might have you begin thinking about what you are afraid of. Let’s face it – we all fear something or many things. Fear can be situational, which we try to avoid at all costs; like public speaking or being vulnerable. Fear can be irrational, suchContinue Reading

Spiritual Gifts Series In February of 2016, the prayer team at my church went over to our sister church for a prayer event. These types of events could seem ‘charismatic’ to the typical evangelical, as we pray in faith for healing- both physical and inner healing. We realize that GodContinue Reading

When Jesus asks a question, it’s not that he is longing to know the answer.  He has all the answers! Rather, his questioning is designed for us to go deeper… to think and to act according to how we answer that question. There’s one particular question Jesus asks that gotContinue Reading

Have you noticed that most people ‘root for the underdog?’ It must be the human inclination to beat the odds, no matter how absurd or improbable it is. This seems to apply to so many aspects of our lives. When it comes to football, fans naturally want Tom Brady toContinue Reading

One of the purposes I have in writing this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to engage in the Spirit-filled life. Not only on Sundays. Not only during Bible studies or worship nights. Rather, to experience His presence every day as we ready ourselves to hear what the Holy Spirit isContinue Reading

When you typically think of your ‘happy place’, what does your mind automatically think of? For some, it could be a place of comfort and security from childhood, when the world didn’t seem as chaotic and stressed as it currently is. For others, their mind escapes to an unknown andContinue Reading

There are certain perks when it comes to living in a metropolitan area like I do. Do you have a sudden craving for a specific type of food? It’s available because many of the restaurants are open late, some even open 24 hours. Feeling bored and want to do somethingContinue Reading

If you’ve been following along, you might be scratching your head from the title and thinking to yourself… “Now wait a minute – didn’t you just have a blog post last week about needing to remember? How I am supposed to ‘remember’ but not ‘look back?” Well, I am gladContinue Reading