You Are Not Mean to Wear Saul’s Armor

“You are not meant to wear Saul’s armor.

Beloved, you are an original, not an imitator. 

You have been in training since you answered the call. The trials and tears have not gone in vain – they are preparations for the promotion ahead of you. You have fought specific battles in hidden places that have prepared you for such a time as this. 

These previous victories build upon what is next for you. As David could not wear Saul’s armor because he was not used to it, you cannot use the strategies of others to ensure your next victory – trust in what I have given you and trained you in. No battle has been wasted! What you have gone through has forged within you the character, resolve, and skill necessary to overcome the giant before you. 

Don’t doubt by giving in to what others say you should do, listen to what the Spirit is saying to you. You are ready! It’s time to fight from the place of victory for it is yours.”

God bless you, in Jesus’ Name!

Pastor Nathan

Inspired by 1 Samuel 17:32-40  


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