Christmas Quarantine

Christmas wasn’t supposed to be like this: 

  • I imagine being surrounded by those we love, cherishing why we are gathered here in the first place: Christ’s birth. 
  • I picture Valerie and I having Christmas breakfast together as we enjoy a carefree time opening presents. 
  • I envision being healthy, going outside, and having fun with friends. 

Little did I know that Christmas wasn’t going to be like this: 

I tested positive for Covid-19. 

Everything came to a sudden halt:  

  • Those plans for the young adult Christmas party that night? Not any more! 
  • Christmas with the relatives? Nope. 
  • New Year’s party? Canceled. 

Plans abruptly ceased, and my anxiety increased – what if someone else I ran into got it from me? I already felt bad enough that the Christmas Eve candlelight service shifted to an online-only service; several congregants state that this is the most anticipated service all year. Now it has been changed for fear of being exposed to the virus. 

On top of that, my poor wife, Valerie. Thankfully, she tested negative (praise God!), and she became my ‘nurse’ without hesitation. She is genuinely a Godsend as she administers my supplements, food and checks in with me to make sure that I am feeling okay. All that extra care for me put her responsibilities at bay, and I know she’s tired. 

Christmas wasn’t supposed to be like this.

These concerns are real and sadly, they happened. I’m praying that everything that has been affected will be set in motion as God wants it to be! While I cannot change what took place, I am reminded that life is always full of the unexpected.

At times, the unexpected is taken as a blessing, such as a bonus at work or a divine appointment. Other times, the unexpected can also produce undesirable results – sickness, financial loss, relational strains. Things happen, right? There’s no way around them, and no one signs up for bad things to happen to them. When they come, they come. 

Although my Christmas wasn’t supposed to be like this, I can find ways to cherish it:  

  • I am grateful for my health – that I have sustained mild symptoms of the sickness.
  • I can retreat in solitude and silence – allowing space to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice more clearly. 
  • I can dream with the Lord – what do you have for me, my God? 
  • The precious time Valerie and I can have together, even if we are in seperate rooms 🙂 
  • I will celebrate what matters most: Christ. 

I realized that through the unexpected, Jesus is still Lord. He is still on the throne, even if Christmas didn’t go the way I imagined it to be. Although I’m stuck in my room most of the day, He is in control. The point of Christmas remains: Jesus came as a babe to redeem us back into a right relationship with God. He wanted to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21) and came to (eventually) die so that we might live. Today is the day we remember why He came into that manger scene. He came for you and me: God Immanuel, God With Us. (Matthew 1:22-23).  

And through this ordeal, I am able to see God’s people at work. Several from my church community reached out to Valerie and me to get us necessities since neither of us could leave the house. From groceries to dog food (can you believe we ran out of the giant bag?) to so much more! People have taken time out of their busy Christmas week to carry our burdens, fulfilling the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2). 

So Christmas wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

But that’s okay. 

Christ is still Lord, and it’s always been about Him. To God be the glory! 

P.S. I’d appreciate your prayers as we’re not through with it yet. Thank you!

Have a blessed week!



  1. Praying you and Valerie’s get through the challenge! So sorry to hear you are fighting illness and pray your symptoms aren’t too difficult to keep you down for long!

  2. Oh Nathan, I’m so sorry to hear this! Your positive high spirits are a blessing.
    Valerie is certainly a sweetheart and you’re both in my prayers.
    Sending love, big hugs and more prayers.

  3. Amen! I am also not experiencing the holidays as I had planned, but that reality re-focuses me on the reason for the season: Jesus Christ!! Thank God that He came for us, dwells among and in us, and will never leave nor forsake us!!

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