arrows flying in air

Some days are worse than others. Who doesn’t have them? But there are certain times when it doesn’t seem like an accident – the bad day feels like a deliberate attack. The onslaught is persistent. The circumstances are random. It comes out of nowhere. And you can’t quite put theContinue Reading

Literally, there was nothing more I could do. We had no options left.  We had already been praying for a miracle that my mother-in-law’s passport would arrive in time. The consulate was backlogged for months. There was no end date in time. After a few calls and visits from myContinue Reading

“Loose lips sink ships.” While challenging to say ten times fast (try it, I dare you!), its meaning has far more weight behind it. This clever World War II slogan warned civilians and military alike – be careful of what you say. A casual conversation about your loved ones’ whereaboutsContinue Reading

I believe that every person has a God-given vision for their life.  Once you accept Christ Jesus, His vision for your life can be known.  How do I know that?  Let me ask you a few questions:  Is our God an intentional God?  Is He a good, loving God?  IsContinue Reading

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘fasting’?  A famished-looking nomad?  The next new diet plan?  A disciplined life for the religiously eccentric?  If this was your initial thinking, it’s okay! There are always initial preconceptions to words that seem foreign. While fasting may seem like anContinue Reading

The Open Door As I was praying through what God had for 2022, I saw a pair of giant wooden doors in the heavenly distance. I watched as these doors were opened as blinding light beamed through the other side. What was previously closed has now been opened and onlyContinue Reading

Christmas wasn’t supposed to be like this:  I imagine being surrounded by those we love, cherishing why we are gathered here in the first place: Christ’s birth.  I picture Valerie and I having Christmas breakfast together as we enjoy a carefree time opening presents.  I envision being healthy, going outside,Continue Reading

Life. Gets. Busy.  With Christmas around the corner, it’s only natural to feel the squeeze of holiday obligations. There’s so much to do in so little time! The presents, the festivities, the gatherings… and don’t forget everyday personal responsibilities. As we ease into the Christmas spirit, it can be easyContinue Reading

In several of my conversations within the last couple of weeks, I recognized a common theme: people are going through hardships – real and difficult circumstances. While the scope of the trials varies individually, this season appears to have brought with it a heaviness that makes it difficult for peopleContinue Reading

When there is a plan, there are problems. I had extra responsibilities to take care of before Valerie, and I left for vacation. The pressure is on – get what needs to be done before we leave. Delegating ministry duties, writing reports, and crucial conversations had to be taken careContinue Reading