Write The Vision: A Prophetic Journaling Experience

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Relationships flourish with loving dialogue and intentionality. While many people speak to God, another crucial component often overlooked is listening to what He has to say to you. Does Jesus care about the details of your life? Does the Father want to reveal to you His purposes and have deeper intimacy with you?

The answer is, of course, yes! 

In “Write the Vision”, journal entries are written from God’s heart to touch you in your personal circumstances. As you contemplate the writings motivated by Scripture, God will speak to you concerning real-life matters – from overcoming fears, to invigorating your faith, to interceding for those you love. Each revelation empowers you to journal your thoughts to God, beginning a conversation about what is important to you both. This promises to be an experience that will not only teach you to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice in a clear and relevant manner, but to understand the heart of God in deeper ways than you have ever known before.

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2 reviews for Write The Vision: A Prophetic Journaling Experience

  1. Natasha K. (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the book. I didn’t know what a prophetic journaling experience would mean and growing up in a Southern Baptist church, I approached it cautiously. But as I read it, the chapters are rooted in God’s word and written from God’s heart.
    I think the best way to approach it is to go with a heart posture of seeking God, desiring to know Him more and whatever the Lord wants to speak to your heart. That you are there to listen however He communicates it. Through the text, the Scripture, a visual or phrase the Lord might give you. This book gives you a lot of space to write down those thoughts and things God might be communicating to you. As always test the spirits (1 John 4:1) and make sure what you are getting is biblically sound. I have found this book to be a great tool to use to draw closer to the Lord! And there have been SO many times where there was just perfect timing of the message to what I was going through. During the start of the Black Lives Matter movement during Covid-19, I was on the chapter about “True Justice”. The chapter on “Rejection” hit me like a ton of bricks as God was already working on an area of my life where bullying as a child was affecting my actions to this day. And most recently, the chapter about social media convicted me after God had gently suggested a social media fast, but after refusing, I ended up dropping my phone in a kayaking incident 😅. That chapter really put into perspective the heart problems of my social media habits.
    Highly recommend this book and it makes a great gift for those wanting to delve deeper into their personal relationship with God!

  2. Chuck Stump jr (verified owner)

    An Inspiring book describing a devotional daily worship of our Lord GOD. So many pages spoke to me directly, often I could not hold back my emotions. I read it multiple times over three days and each time more inspirations were revealed. I was also inspired to refocus my own Journaling as Praise and Worship to GOD. I highly recommend this book and I hope that more publications will follow.

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