Recently I’ve come across and a bow and began shooting arrows. Don’t worry – no one is in danger, and yes, there is a target to hit!  Now, I’ll be honest… I’m not the best. It takes a while to learn how to shoot the target accurately. At first, IContinue Reading

tiny house between buildings

There are times when you JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  The savings in your account are nearing zero Health concerns have become a reality and are looking worse  Lack of direction leaves you feeling helpless and hopeless  Although you pray, you still do not have the answer  I haveContinue Reading

It’s that time again…  To take up my post in the middle of the night.  My body is weary, wanting more sleep.  My mind wanders, debating whether I should get up.  I have to. I need to. I must stand watch.  Night after night, I look out in the distance, Continue Reading

It was a beautiful day outside. Although it was mid-January, the sun was shining bright and the weather perfect enough to head to the beach. Valerie and I take out our bikes – and our trusty sidekick, Carmel, the dog – as we begin biking towards the shore.  As soonContinue Reading

She is out in the waters all alone,       waiting to ride the perfect wave.  She waits in anticipation,       knowing that it will come at a moment’s notice.  But she must wait patiently for the right time.  If she is too eager,       she will takeContinue Reading

Hear the sound of music,      the joyous melodies of singing,      the clapping of hands. Now it is time for you to dance! Take My hand…I will lead,      we will dance together back and forth, Laughing together as we bask in the moment,      creating memories that weContinue Reading

Napoleon Bonaparte – feared military commander and Emperor of the French, knew battle strategy better than anyone in the early 1800s. In fact, he is considered one of the greatest military leaders of all time; his campaigns and the wars he fought are studied in military schools worldwide. What fearContinue Reading

Do you have a word that you try not to use? For myself, it is the word ‘hate’. Since the word has a strong connotation with negativity and potential divisiveness, I try not to use it in my everyday language. I would instead substitute it for ‘dislike’ or ‘loathe’ (I’dContinue Reading