The Wounded Warrior

As I was sitting before the Lord getting ready to write the next blog, an image of a man, who just came from battle, came to my mind. He was from the days of metal plated armor and he had just taken his armor off. He was sitting on a rock, staring at the dirt on the ground. I could tell the battle he had been in had just taken place because he was trying to control his heavy breathing. Fresh cuts on his face, mixed with dirt, stained his face and he continued to sit there for a brief moment. 

It seemed that there was a pain that was robbing him of his sense of peace and the rest that he so desperately needed. The source of his anguish was revealed when he lifted up his shirt and realized that he had suffered a giant gash in his side during the heat of the battle. Instead of resting and recovering – as he needed to – and asking for assistance, he put his armor back on, takes a deep sigh, and returned back to the battleground ready to fight.

I believe this image was given as a message for those who are in the thicket of battle. Life is raging and you’ve been fighting for a long time. Perhaps you’ve even gained ground against the enemy and your circumstances, but here’s what you need to do next:


It’s hard to fight the battle in front of you when you have pain inside of you.  And while you are the warrior the Lord has called you to be and you are able to wage war to fight what you believe in, now is the time to rest and be healed.

What you do not realize, is that the wounds you have determine how effective you are on the battlefield. Doesn’t it take more energy to hold up your shield when you are hurting? Isn’t it that much more strenuous to handle your sword when you are bleeding?

Through the Holy Spirit, I hear the Lord saying:

“Come my child and rest in My provision. I am proud of you for taking the steps necessary to do My will and fight the good fight of the faith. Even when the circumstances were difficult, you persevered. For now, disengage the battle which is before you, and rest so that your soul and mind may be calmed and restored. I want to give you peace – a peace that will breathe life into you and sustain you. Rest in My Presence, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. To sit still and to know Me in greater ways does not mean you are backing away from the fight, but you are positioning yourself to hear my commands and to heal the wounds that prevent you from advancing in the fight. Trust me enough to not fight on your own. Who can give you strategies to overcome the enemy? For I see the battle plans before Me. Who can build you up for how I see you rather than what others have said you are? I know you better than you know yourself and I know what you need. You’ll get back in the fight soon enough, but you’ll be stronger and go further in this season if you learn to rest well in My Presence.”

I felt the Lord gave this to me for someone reading this here today. Whatever you are going through, know that you can trust God to bring you through it and He will give you the victory, even if He wants you to rest in this season of your life. I hope this speaks to you and may God encourage you as you rest well in Him.    


  1. Ow! I thought I was all good until you said to take off the armor and there it was. I was a bloody mess, leaking all over the people who stood alongside me! Choking back tears, I’ll admit this one was for me, Nathan. OK, I’ll rest in Him.

    • Yes it was such a powerful image that was displayed, I had to share! I definitely need this word for my own life too, so I can receive more of what the Holy Spirit has for me when I get back in the battle. Rest is a weapon! Praying you rest well in His Presence Patty!

  2. Wow this is for me too! Went into battle yesterday for the benefit of another person who doesn’t see it that way. So painful for me. But I sensed God asking me to be faithful and trust Him and tolerate the discomfort of showing up to be myself. And now I am exhausted and your words are so affirming that I need to receive His rest as the battle will continue

    • Thank you Nancy for sharing how you trusted God in the midst of your situation & even through the difficulty, it can be exhausting! A great realization is that you now need to trust Him to rest – allowing the results to be in God’s hands. Praying that you are refreshed in this time with the Lord.

  3. I have been very touched by this message.
    Fighting battles is hard and painful; we cannot get victory without our Lord Jesus. Thank you Pastor Nathan for reminding me that God wants me to rest in His provision , so that my soul and mind may be calmed and restored.

    • The battle can be tough, especially if we feel overwhelmed & distressed from the battle around us. I am reminded of Philippians 4:4-7 that talks about the ‘peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard you hearts & minds in Christ Jesus’ which is given to us by submitting our requests to God. I pray this for you & for myself so we can be reminded to come before the Lord when we are anxious & unsure about the future, because He will be our help in times of need.

  4. This really spoke to me as I am that soldier who has been wounded & yet I still put on that armor & go out & fight. My fight is the worries & concerns of family issues. It makes me think of that dream I told you about. I need rest from this battle. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    • I am so glad the Lord used it to speak to you! Rest is the key to victory in regaining strength, but also to demonstrate a deeper trust in God. I think it’s safe to say we all need to evaluate where we are at & rest from the battle at times. Thank you for sharing!

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