Prized Possession

Our God is a creative God, isn’t He? Simply step out in nature and see the incredible works He has done!  As a participant in family camp this week – the denominations gathering of churches within California – I get time to relax and to see the handiwork of our Creator. From the quiet time in the morning between a circular grove of trees to the countless stars that paint the darkened sky, there’s so much to be in awe of His intentional efforts to reveal who He is!

There’s also the creativity that the Lord has given each one of us that we can use to point to Christ. I realize this that through my writing in the blog – the Lord can use me to speak to where people are at and what they are going through. It is in this place that I felt within my Spirit, the Lord spoke to me regarding a specific conversation He can have with each one of us. Perhaps you need to hear it, for it speaks of how the Lord through the Holy Spirit sees you…

“You are so valuable to Me,

There is not another like you on this Earth,

I have chosen you since the beginning of time,

To be all that you were created to be,

My love for you will never fail,

And there is no one that can take you from Me.”[1]

You say, “I don’t see it. I don’t understand why life is so difficult and I seem to be stuck in my circumstances. I do not feel I have anything to offer or that I represent you well my God.”

“Here’s what I see,” says the Holy Spirit, “A radiant diamond shining in all it’s brilliance. Uncompromising in beauty and unyielding in purity – the finest of quality in cut and clarity. This is how I see you.”

Again you say, “Who am I? How am I to supposed to shine like a diamond?”

“By allowing the difficulties and the trials of this world to shape you.[2]

Diamonds are only formed under intense heat and pressure – then it is revealed for what it truly is – a beautiful gem for all the world to see.”

“My purpose for you is to be Christlike so others can see the light of My Son. In the midst of the pressures of life, choose to keep your mind on things above.[3] While you may not be able to control all the circumstances around you, you can choose to react according to My Word and My promises.”[4]

  • “When you feel depressed, consider the blessings of what you have and lift up your burdens to me instead of drawing inward in your emotions.”[5]
  • “When you feel overwhelmed, I am with you in the storm. Just as I can calm the seas, I can quiet the thoughts racing through your mind.”[6]
  • “When you feel lonely, remember: I will never leave you nor forget you. Spend time with Me and in no time I will bring those around you who share the same passions and interests as you do.”[7]
  • “When you feel frustrated, let it go. Let me take control of the situation, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”[8]
  • “When you feel unloved, there is no one that loves you as I do. I understand what you face and give Me your rejection and the hurt that wounded you.”[9]
  • “When you feel like giving up, consider how far you have come to this point. Give up thoughts of selfishness for I have a wonderful plan for you.”[10]

“Consider this moment in what you are facing – how can your obstacle become the unique opportunity for such a time as this? Can you find a purpose through your ‘prison?’ Will the trial be a test that you will pass? I will give you what you need, simply come to Me,” says the Lord.[11]

“I am not only the One who created you,

But I am the One who is shaping you this very moment,

To shine in all your brilliance,

For you to see yourself as I do,

My most prized possession.”[12]

My prayer for you is that you understand the heart of God in how much He cares for you! Regardless of what you’ve done in the past or how daunting the future looks ahead of you, the Father looks upon you with unconditional love. My hope is that you spend time in your secret place with Him, meditating on the scriptures referenced above as well as others verses identifying who you are in Christ.

Have a blessed week!

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