Green means ‘GO’

Did you know you have been given the ‘green light?’ It’s true! 

As you know, green means go, and that is exactly what God has intended for your life. 

It’s time to take your foot off the brake and push the gas because the light has been green…  

  • To push the gas past the fear, insecurities, and the uncertain of the future. 
  • To accelerate enough to what is ahead and trust that God will tell you when to turn. 
  • To understand that you don’t need the whole picture in front of you before you go. 

The truth is, you have been called to go, so the answer cannot be no. 

That’s right… ALL the promises of God in Christ are YES and Amen (2 Corinthians 1:20). 

How are you going to partake in those promises God has intended for you? 

It takes courage.

It takes a Spirit-filled boldness to step out and not idle at the green light. 

Beloved, are you ready to go? God already said He is with you…

so what are you waiting for? 



Listen to my message that speaks further on courage- the fuel that helps us GO!

Have a blessed week!


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