True Justice

I have compassion for all, for everything that I have created.

I will take your case into account.

I will see that matters are dealt with swiftly, for I am a God of justice.

I know what is right and I see the motives of all men.

Defending you is what I do, because I care for you.

I do not want to see the wicked overtake you and to prosper.

My righteousness will be seen by what I will do for you.

Justice is found by Me, for it is who I am.

I weigh the scales and see what each person has done. I can see what the courts cannot.

     Do I not know what is best for you?

I will advocate on your behalf and I will state your case by My standards.

Put your confidence in My defense and in My truth.

We will be victorious!

~  HOSEA 12:6  |  PSALM 37  |  ISAIAH 30:18  ~


  1. Section 7 of Write the Vision was memorable, like the Surfer section.

  2. Needed to read this today.

  3. This was awesome. Feeling inspired. I think I’ll read a bit of the good book again.

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