Thoughts of Weakness

Where is the passion, the zeal for more of your presence Lord?

When I sit before You, my mind wonders,

When I say to myself, “I will spend time with my God”

I easily forget until it is too late.

I feel lifeless when I come to you,

There is a lack of vigor and vitality.

Wake me up Lord! Shake off the apathy and the misery O God!

Renew a steadfast Spirit within me,

And give me a hope and future.[1]


I eagerly say ‘Yes’ to what the Spirit says,

But my actions seem to suggest otherwise.

Why can I not do what I know should be done?

I am weak Lord,

Yet it is in my deficiencies that I cling to You,

In my frailties, your light will shine through,

And you will get the glory through my struggles and my shortcomings.[2]


I seem to take on too much at once,

Realizing how much good I can do in this time,

But what have you called me to do?

No wonder I get easily overwhelmed and discouraged!

While there is so much I can accomplish,

There is the timing for everything.

Give me understanding and the ability to fulfill the tasks in front of me.[3]


Why is it that I cannot overcome that what plagues me?

Show me how to be a man after your own heart,

Like David, I am full of sin, but I am yours

You are My Savior Jesus, my refuge when I am weak.[4]


I do not understand why I do what I do,

But I have the Holy Spirit to help me.

Teach me your ways so I will walk in Your truth,

You are my guide and the One who has sustained me so far.

You will not let me down, even if I fail

For you are with me and will not ever leave me.[5]


When I think of my future, I am struck with uncertainty.
I have little desire to work towards that what is unknown,

Perhaps I am reliving my insecurities,

I am trying to plan that what has not been revealed,

Yet in my heart I want to be faithful to You,

To live out the promises that You have spoken to Me.[6]


I need more of your presence so I do not give into fear,

Remind me of how you see me,

And not what I think in moments of doubt and discouragement,

For I do not want to listen to the enemy’s lies,

And the thoughts that play over and over in my head,

You have shown me who I am in your sight,

I am holy, I am useful, I am well-loved

Thank you for taking me out of the pit and setting me on a rock higher than I

For it is your foundation that my soul can rest upon and be secure.[7]

[1] Jeremiah 29:11

[2] 2 Corinthians 12:9-11

[3] Ephesians 2:10

[4] Psalm 51; 46:1

[5] Hebrews 13:5

[6] 2 Peter 1:3-4

[7] Psalm 61:2


  1. Very inspiring at a needed time. Our rest and security is found in him alone!
    Thanks for sharing!

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