Resting has never come naturally to me. I don’t know what it is, but I have trouble staying still and ‘taking it easy.’ If there is something that sounds exciting to do… Let’s do it! My natural tendency to ‘go’ has me thinking of what to do and what’s next.Continue Reading

Whatever side of the political spectrum you choose, you’d have to agree: our nation is divided. One doesn’t have to be too keen on politics to feel the tension in the air when certain talking points are publically expressed. Worldviews collide as individuals and groups deliberate and vehemently defend theirContinue Reading

I want more of the presence of God in my life. I desire to understand the heart of the Father, to walk as Jesus did, and to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in cultivating the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit. It’s not easy, but anything worth pursuingContinue Reading

Our God is a creative God, isn’t He? Simply step out in nature and see the incredible works He has done!  As a participant in family camp this week – the denominations gathering of churches within California – I get time to relax and to see the handiwork of ourContinue Reading

It was over a decade ago (I cannot believe I can say the word decade… I feel SO OLD!) that I met two Pastors in Australia who invited me to be a missionary there to serve for 2 years. I would work with the youth and help mobilize the effortsContinue Reading

It was summer camp and we were in a time of worship. I take notice that a youth student is constantly rubbing his shoulder in pain while trying to engage in the music. Feeling led by the Holy Spirit, I ask him what’s wrong. He describes how his shoulder isContinue Reading

I always appreciate it when the Holy Spirit gives me new insight into a familiar passage. God is willing to reveal to us fresh revelations from His Word about who He is and what He is doing! I was scheduled to preach the familiar passage ‘Faith of the Centurion’ foundContinue Reading

When you think of ‘authority’, what comes to mind? For some, they immediately have a negative connotation, as they think of a boss who is demanding and harsh. A boss like this demonstrates his or her authority in a controlling manner that usually cannot be questioned and must be compliedContinue Reading

Fruit of the Spirit Series “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22-23) How can a person know if you are a Christ follower?             Is it your theology?             Is it your community?             Is it byContinue Reading

Tis the season to be graduating! Last weekend, I had the privilege to attend a UCLA graduation from one of the colligates at my church. The excitement was in the air – families from around the world gathered together to celebrate this notable milestone for their loved ones. Those inContinue Reading