Do you have a word that you try not to use? For myself, it is the word ‘hate’. Since the word has such a strong connotation with negativity and potential divisiveness, I try to not use it in my everyday language.  I would rather substitute it for ‘dislike’ or ‘loathe’Continue Reading

We are in a war. Your mind might automatically allude to the war on terror fought across the globe. Perhaps you might think of the influence society has on our children such as the war on drugs. Even still you might think of an intensely personal conflict you’ve had recentlyContinue Reading

Fruit of the Spirit Series When most people think of joy, they might think of jolly St. Nick belly laughing with all his might as he exclaims, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ While this image may even bring you a sense of joy reflecting on your childhood, there’s more to this 3-letter wordContinue Reading

God wants you to make a difference in this world. Many times, it is through the small, normal interactions we have with people as we go about our everyday business. Here’s an example that happened to me a couple days ago: I was at Target shopping for a couple itemsContinue Reading

Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of the Arabian Desert. As far as your eyes can see, there are heaps of sand in every direction. The hot air stings your face as you try to stay covered from the intense heat. You are not sure where to go and, evenContinue Reading