Today’s blog has been inspired by new residents who recently moved in… a momma bird and her hatchlings! I was outside spending quiet time with the Lord when I saw a bird swoop in to take care of her little ones. Watching the momma bird revealed the protective nature and loving motivation she had for those in her care. Shortly after, I was encouraged by the Holy Spirit to write this poem with God as our protector. May this poem speak to you about where the Lord currently has you and where He is taking you.

Have a blessed week!


You, O Lord, are my refuge and my strength,

In You, alone, will I put my trust,

For my God has never failed me,

You are faithful to keep Your Word and do all You have promised.


You have gently placed me in a secure setting,

High above, where I am covered and cared for,

Where I can dwell in Your presence, in peace and safety.


You have protected me from the dangers below,

The threat of the enemy as he prowls around looking for prey to devour,

I will not listen to his enticing words, as he attempts to lure me with sinful pleasures,

His interest is solely to trap and harm me, 

But I rebuke his advancements and his schemes,

With you, my God, I am beyond his reach and he cannot touch me,

For I rest in the shelter of the Almighty.


You have shielded me from the perils that persuasion can bring,

People, who look to swoop in and distract me from where You have called me to be,

Leading me down a path of lethargy and confusion,

So I would become infective and ungodly.

I do not give in to the fear of man,

No matter their influence or reason,

I do not surrender. I refuse to!

For when trouble comes, they flee,

They act like they do not know me,

But my foundation sits on the surety of Your Word.


You have encircled me with Your sustaining love,

As you guard me against my own thoughts,

And the insecurities that can so easily cause me to fall…

     “You are not strong enough”,

      “Who do you think you are?”,

     “You are not ready to fly”.

Words like these can pierce the soul and wound me deeply,

Yet you have released me from the paralysis of my mind,

And freed me from thoughts that are not edifying nor honor You.

Instead, You remind me of definite truths:

     “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”,[1]

      “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”,[2]

“You will pick me up and I will soar on wings of eagles.”[3]

Abiding in You, Jesus gives me life and life abundantly,

My sanctuary is found where You are,

Where You speak of who I am,

And that You are for me and not against me,

I am reminded that You have covered me with Your feathers,

And keep me from harm under the shadow of Your wings.


Now, O Lord; now I am ready,

Your constant care has brought the comfort I needed to heal,

The protection that allowed me to rest and to know You deeper,

The encouragement I needed to know that I am enough.

I stand on the edge looking out at what’s in front of me,

Poised to spread my wings,

And fly to where You want me to go.  

The momma bird visiting her hatchlings. The nest is built on top of a light fixture above the garage door.

Close up view of the nest.

[1] Philippians 4:13

[2] Psalm 139:14

[3] Isaiah 40:31


  1. Thank you for your beautiful psalm (it really sounds like one) and the encouragement to accept the time and place God has us in and to trust the plans He has for us in it.

  2. Author

    Thank you Patty! I’ve always been inspired by the Psalms, so that means a lot to me. I hope you’ve been well through these interesting times we are facing.

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