Part 3 of 3| Through the Valley Series Chances are, you are quite familiar with a passage, in the Bible, that mentions a valley. Or, you may be scratching your head right now trying to think of the verse… or any verse! If that’s the case, let me help youContinue Reading

PART 2 OF 3 | THROUGH THE VALLEY SERIES When we go through physical pain, we have a natural reflex – to react to that pain! Many times this is expressed with loud cries such as, “Ouch!” or other choice words that need no explanation. Our reaction communicates to othersContinue Reading

PART 1 OF 3 – THROUGH THE VALLEY SERIES Have you ever had a ‘mountaintop experience?’ This is usually associated with an astounding victory or accomplishment you experienced. Typically, this terminology is used in Christian circles referencing a retreat or camp in the mountains where the Lord meets you inContinue Reading